One Future


Passion for sapiens

One Future’s core value is our love of the Human species’ capacity for deep understanding, intelligence and burgeoning awareness. Homo sapiens is possibly the most profound development to come from 4 billion years of life on Earth. One Future takes the position that self-reflective culture is as unique and important an emergence in our cosmos as life itself.

Permanent culture

We believe that our future is bright and we aspire to envision the radical success of global society as a means to re-conceiving of our worth. How can we create sustainable societies that live and plan in a multigenerational context? What does it look like when self-reflective civilisation becomes an intrinsic part of a planetary biosphere? What is Permaculture and how can we use it?

All of us

What does it look like when we resolve inequalities and inappropriate discriminations between men, women, races and sexual preferences, and are free to be preoccupied with our shared humanity and it’s development? How can we overcome fundamentalism and polarisation between us? What is causing it?

New org

In what ways can we innovate organisations, business and governance to scale to the challenges of life in the third millennium? What do organisations look like when they are based upon truly wholesome motives and non-selfish relationships?

New affluence

To innovate a new kind of affluence we need innovate new kinds of values. What does it really mean to be truly rich? What is true affluence? What do post-growth economies look like? Who are the new new rich?


Developmentuality includes those subjective developments that help us grow and develop. Without wearing weird robes, joining weird groups, believing in abstract or divine forces, how can we develop new contexts for meaning and moral living? One Future aims to create simple, accessible, scalable themes for personal and collective development in the third millennium.


In what new ways can we understand our universe? How can these new understandings help us live greater, deeper and more meaningful lives? What is Nature? What is the role of consciousness in our cosmos? Why is there evolution? Is the cosmos fine tuned? Why is it so beautiful?